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Blog 11 Midsummer New Year of Johns Eve 2012

Burtnieku Lake and Two Swans Preening..

Johns Eve 2012 arrives with the Latvian government hyperventilating the rationalist approach to problem solving. To be more accurate, the spokesperson for absurdity in this instance is not the government, but an investment banker, one Girts Rungainis.
This neo-capitalist wonder, while admitting that he is not a politician and, therefore, not of the government, nevertheless lays out the truth as he sees it and, implicitly, how the government sees it the same. I.e., increase the salaries of certain select professions, but at the same time reduce the employed: http://www.apollo.lv/portal/news/articles/277498
The writer of the story (an anonymously authored reprint from LETA)  concurs by adding supportive quotes from the Prime Minister of Latvia and the head of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimshevics.

All three extreme right wing personalities base their views on the presumption that these are rational conclusions. While the theology that backs up this ‘reason gone mad’ goes unmentioned, one can hardly doubt that it is sourced in the government sponsored Western Christian Church.

A timely column by Chris Hedges at Truthdig http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/americas_street_priest_20120611/   on the Rev. Daniel Berrigan fully supports my perspective of the Western cum Latvian Church. The pertinent quote reads:

The Rev. Daniel Berrigan…. along with other clergy, [are here] to ask Trinity Church, which is the third-largest landowner in Manhattan, to drop charges against Occupy activists, including retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard, for occupying its empty lot on 6th Avenue and Canal Street on Dec. 17. The protesters, slated to go to court Monday, June 11, hoped to establish a new Liberty Square on the lot after being evicted by New York City police from Zuccotti in November. But Trinity had the demonstrators arrested. It chose to act like a real estate company [described as “a company church… miscellaneous denomination http://www.manta.com/c/mr0vbww/trinity-church]”, or the corporation it has become, rather than a church.
The head of Trinity Church is a downright copy of a Latvian politician as the following bio explains:

“Contrast Daniel Berrigan, who lives in a single room with a half dozen other retired priests in a parish house in lower Manhattan, with the imperious rector of Trinity Church, the Rev. Dr. James Cooper. Cooper earns $1.3 million a year, lives in a $5.5 million SoHo townhouse, receives a church allowance to maintain his Florida condo, dips into church funds to take his family on African safaris and oversees the church’s $1 billion in Manhattan real estate holdings from which the church receives as much as $30 million a year. He spent $5 million on a public relations campaign, nearly double the $2.7 million the church gave out in grants, in one year. Ten of the church’s 22-member vestry—its board of directors—have quit over Cooper’s authoritarianism and extravagance.”

While a Latvian politician earns a significantly lower salary from his God, I am comparing Dr. Cooper’s income to ex-President Zatler’s luxury Audi and in-state President Berziņš, who receives Latvia’s highest retirement pension. The figures may not match, but the mindset is of the same theological meme.

In contrast, the Latvian divinities John and Johns (I distinguish between words ‘God’ and ‘divinity’) were confirmed egalitarians. John would have asked the above mentioned immediate resignation from their presumptions and posts. I suspect that a like demand would come from John the Baptist of New Testament fame http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_the_Baptist The link tells us, among other things, that: “Christians believe that John the Baptist had a specific role ordained by God as forerunner or precursor of Jesus,

Being a proto-Christian folk, the proto-Latvian Johns, sons of the Sun or the forest Goddess Mara, they were egalitarians. No doubt, this “egalitarianism” disturbs the neo-capitalist views of the Latvian rulers and most of the crypto-Latvian http://www.yourdictionary.com/crypto-prefix  elites. I use the word ‘crypto’ advisedly, in the sense of ‘not having come out’-Latvians.

As for the origin of egalitarianism among proto-Latvians, we can ascribe it to the Great Goddess Marian: once Goddess of the Sea, also of the Forests—when forests covering Earth were as the sea. Robert Graves tells a spicy anecdote, which he steals from a “Medieval Book of the Saints”. As an expression of her egalitarian nature, Marian worked her way to the Holy Land (after egalitarianism was violently subdued) by sleeping with the entire crew of the ship. Graves insists that “Robin Hood, in the ballads, always swore by Her”.

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