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Blog 8 Midsummer New Year of Johns Eve 2012

The Small Cherry Tree in Bloom.

If the absence of authentic moral authority in Latvia ought make obvious the need for it, the brain-freeze that hovers over the country will not relent. To paraphrase Tariq Ali : “The capitalist model has encouraged an institutionalized depolitization of the [Latvian] masses.” (My insertion.)

The institutionalized de-democratization was very noticeable in yesterday evening’s television interview program called “The 100th Constitutional Regulation [re “100. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, which includes the right to freely acquire, hold and distribute information and to express his/her own opinions. Censorship is prohibited.] Press Club”.  The program shifted the gears to the programmed depolitization agenda from the very beginning by confronting three ill informed journalists (as to economic matters) with two verbose Latvian politicians (Godmanis and Shadurskis) come to visit Latvia from the Centre-extreme dominated de-democratized European Parliament. The program was moderated by one Reders, who advertises another program which he moderates with the words: “Do you have something to say? Then speak!”

If in European countries, where the populations are large, the institutionalized depolitization and de-democratization of the public is resisted by the shier number of the population, in depopulated Latvia its sails of its ship of state catch the wind the moment the sails are unfurled.

A brazen picture of moral deauthorization of the entire Latvian population is projected by Latvian youths, who, led by the political fellowship of neo-capitalist business achieve high government posts at an ever younger age.

One of the first acts of one such officeholder was to consent to the shooting of a female bear, who smelled in the spring air the freedom of the forest, and being a female sexual deviant broke out of her cage. The minister then had the two remaining male bears castrated. Not that such hyper authority was in any way restrained or advised by the “Reform Party”, the minister’s political sponsor.

Another ‘politicized’ youth (of the eagerly expected younger generation) upon seeing how inauthentic the morals of his “reform” party, decided to do it one better and squared de-authorization, by sticking his fingers into the eyes of the party’s founder, who was then taking possession of a luxury car, presented to him by the Latvian government.

So, what does all this have to do with St. Johns Eve in Latvia, come Midsummer’s eve, June 23rd?

To quote Robert Graves again, who quotes the historian Lucian: “Men weep and bewail their lot, and curse Cadmus with many curses for introducing Tau into the family of letters…. [He (Cadmus) and his supporters] set up the erections on which men are crucified….”

The sacrifice of John on Midsummer is an obvious institutionalized political act. The act was done to give death its due, and gain authentic moral authority for proto-Latvian leaders. Whether these leaders all became kings, we do not know, but collectively their name was Johns, and they were held in honor by the entire community.

As one would expect, among post-Soviet Latvian leaders there are none who has the moral authority of a proto-Latvian John. Today, the Authentic Moral Authority of Latvians (AMAL), is seconded by NATO, while St. John is forgot. In this sense, the entire Latvian government can be considered to be “birthers” : “They look like Latvians, they smell like Latvians, they pretend to act as Latvians, except their anti-populist evangel cooks up orange looking post-Latvian crayfish.”

Speaking about ‘orange’: Two years ago, I put in my pond five small goldfish, which I bought at a Valmiera Zoo store. I had read that as long as the fish are not tropical, they will adjust to any environment and grow as big as the size of the pond will permit.

I now have several hundred small fish as large as the breadth of my hand swimming about. I am also about to put up a sign that reads: “Dear fishermen! These fish are not to be fished for until 2022. You will then have a chance, if you buy an Ls 20 ticket now. If you buy a ticket now, but discover that you are the only one who bought one, the inhabitants of the entire lake will display themselves before you and their eyes will be asking you: ‘Do you really need to fish us? Why, more kindly, not have just one of us give our life on Johns Eve?’"

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