Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog 5 Midsummer New Year of Johns Eve 2012

Yours Truly, May 4, 2012, Esplanade. In Riga.

June 6.  ~~~~~-^^^^^^^^^^-~~~~~ Beginning today, the ‘Johns Bottom’ pond at Temple to Black John is beginning to construct, for lack of a better name, John Brow’s Leviathan Body. Approximately a eight metres (24 ft) oak rump, nearly a metre in diameter is receiving its zigs and zags . Yesterday, Volodya Saimesjānis (Simjanovs), my neighbor from Abrene, skinned the bark off the rump. The latter, when dry, will make excellent material to get the fire started come again the fall and winter.

After John Brown has received his ‘teeth’, we will drag and then roll him into the Johns Bottom Pond, where he is likely to swim with his teeth cutting the pond’s surface, until he get waterlogged and sinks to the bottom. John Brown, will, most likely, be the last of my “invisible sculptures”, a series of works which I began a long time ago in Boston, when I lived at 327 Columbus Avenue, a stone’s throw from Back Bay Station and Copley Square.

The zigs and zags, ^^^^^^ stand for movement out of sight. In my early days, these were hid in a box that either had a door or a lid; in the case of John Brown Levithan, he will be hid by and in the water.

The ~^^^^^^~ sculpture is but a physical representation of a truly invisible force that courses the human brain. As pointed out in a previous blog, my grandfather called it his Devil, I prefer to think of it as my imagination, best expressing itself as a contrarian’s contribution. An in-depth analysis would likely show the nature of this force to be homosexual (though in sexual matters, I remain strictly dedicated to women).  This is not to say that I am interested in stressing sexuality, but that, in fact, I believe that homosexuality when brought under an organizational roof reduces the sexual act to a sanction to hear it happen in a shack made of tin .

As already mentioned in blog 4, the ancient Egyptians were the first to note the homosexual nature of civilization, with the gods Atum and Ptah getting credit for being among its first creators.

This is not to say that I think homosexuality to be an altogether urban phenomenon, except that it is in the urban environment that homosexuality begins to demand for itself “equal rights”. This may be, because so much of a city’s population consists of johhny’s come lately from the countryside.While in the countryside homosexuality manifests itself as my serrated oak log sunk to the lake bottom, in the city that same log turns into a tin shed and gets a license from the city government to hear itself perform, with an amused public standing around the shack, listening to all the noises and rattles, and waiting to see a hand drop from a small window a wet condom. Indeed, the condom may be evidence of a heterosexual act, because in my way of explaining it, it is the voyeurs who are the real homosexuals.

Writes poet Robert Graves in his book (“The White Goddess”) on the historical grammar of poetic myth: “The study of mythology, as I shall show, is based squarely on tree-lore and seasonal observation of life in the fields. Socrates, in turning his back on poetic myths, was really turning his back on the Moon-goddess who inspired them and who demanded that man should pay woman spiritual and sexual homage: what is called Platonic love, the philosopher’s escape from the power of the Goddess into intellectual homosexuality, was really Socratic love…. Though the Goddess [Diotima] as Cybele and Ishtar tolerated sodomy even in her own temple courts, ideal homosexuality was a far more serious moral aberrancy—it was the male intellect trying to make itself spiritually self-sufficient.”

From a 1928 photograph. Possibly the Last Latvian John; described as a 'beggar'.
The Latvian Johns, who generally left their countryside homes as young men only to return home so much wiser when middle aged or near to that age, and almost always still single, were most likely—having seen what no eye at home had seen—a smart and tolerant crew.

As part of their tolerance, the Latvian Johns were likely opponents to the stay-at-home boyars, the males lacking poetic imagination, but with overheated imaginations salivating after both flesh and wealth. Thus, it was the Latvians’ own homosexuals from whom today’s oligarchs evolved, and who, like in the days of yore, sodomize not only John, but Latvian countryside-forest culture as a whole.

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