Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog 17 Midsummer New Year of Johns Eve 2012

Following up on the real meaning of ‘Parliamentary democracy’ and ‘corporate individuals’, and taking into consideration the thousand year long evolution of this theme—through relentless attacks by parliamentarian democrats on egalitarian democrats, one cannot but conclude that the so-called modern era and its ‘developed nations’ are a consequence of the attempt to destroy the self-sacrificial meme that permits the individual to development a transindividual community.

In other words, by restraining and eliminating self-sacrifice and letting violence determine ‘progress’ much has been achieved. At the same time, the price of the achievement has been the destruction of the planet’s ecology and ‘democracy’ in an egalitarian sense.

When Basil (the Bogomil) was incinerated in the fire-pit at the Hippodrome of Constantinople

 [As for: “Basil, since he  was their leader of the Bogomils  and showed no sign whatever of remorse [over being a Chrisiian of the East], the members of the Holy Synod, the chief monks, as well as the patriarch of that time (Nicolas) unanimously decided that he must be burn”... ],

…a corporate democracy had already claimed the day. This we know from the New Testament, which tells us that (?John) Basil was replaced by a Jesus fabricated of the compromise the princes and boyars had forced on the terrorized Christian Church of the East. The Big Compromise that seemingly healed the Great Schism went something like this:

We (Western Catholics) will let you preach your religion, if you stop backing it up with self-sacrificial acts and, indeed, cease supporting such acts other than passive acknowledgement, which some ‘unbalanced’ minds may be moved to perform in the future.

This is why today the governments of the West do not fear accusing citizens of their own countries as ‘terrorists’. . Certainly, the Christians of the East, who dissented from the princeling-led Western Catholic Christianity would today be called ‘terrorists’, re the U.S. and NATO countries.

Such boxing-in of self-sacrifice increasingly privatized aggression, which given an unchecked reign would have led society to develop in the direction of the ancient social curse known as anarcho-capitalism or the vendetta . To prevent the development of anarcho-capitalism (a libertarian version of egalitarian democracy), the privatization of aggression and its potential to develop into violence had to be checked. This was done through the hierarchical principle using wealth and seniority as measuring devices

However, no legal device is, in and of itself, able to prevent the development of corporations that may not ultimately threaten the law-makers. In our time, such corporations are known as “too big to fail ”. If and when there develops a crisis that threatens an entire society, it is the corporate interests that prevail over the public interest. At such times, the corporate interest must be faced down by an opposition willing to use self-sacrifice as the determining principle of leadership. If the government is unable for whatever reason to muster the energy to resist, the corporations may take over government itself.

As the secrecy of the Trans Pacific Partnership (for TPP see blog 16) negotiations indicates, many governments are at the stage, where corporate power and wealth is demanding them to yield their power to a corpor4ation led parliamentary democracy, the constituent elements of which are not political parties, but private moneyed interests in which private wealth is the predominant interest and determines future developments.

It ought, therefore, be of interest to us that at this time, when Eastern Christianity is practically nonexistent in the mind’s eye of the West, and Western Christianity survives by corrupt machinations of its finances, a Slovenian atheist philosopher Slavoy Zizek  should propound at atheist’s answer to the loss of self-sacrificial motivation in theological circles. Writes Zizek (in “The Monstrosity of Christ”) in a paraphrase of the English writer Chesterton: “…when people imagine all kinds of deeper meanings because they ‘are frightened of four words: He was made Man.’ What really frightens them is that they will lose… God as the hidden master pulling strings—instead of this, we get a God who abandons this transcendent position and throws himself into his own creation, fully engaging in it up to dying….”

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